Solar Panel Services in Oklahoma City

Solar panels are a great alternative to utilizing electricity from a county supplied grid. The use of a solar for your primary source of electricity allows you the freedom to power your home exactly as how you see fit without worrying about a huge energy bill. If you have been considering a solar panel installation at your property, Icon Roofing and Solar can help. We can consult with you to help you find the best solar panels for your property. We do this by considering budgetary requirements, house size, household size, and other factors.

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The Benefits of Solar Panel Installation 

With the rising cost of county supplied power, many people are seeking sustainable alternatives. The popularity of solar panels has been on the rise in recent years and inflation has only seemed to increase interest in this energy source. And for good reason, there are many benefits to having your property go solar.

These benefits include:

  • Cost savings: Solar panels are getting less expensive to install as the years go by. This means that you are getting a naturally renewable source of energy for less than it would cost to use traditional utilities. 
  • Increased home value: A solar panel system on a property is considered a home upgrade. Much like renovations to the home, solar panels increase your home value and homes with this system in place generally sell for more than ones that don’t have them. 
  • Positive environmental impact: Every kilowatt-hour that is generated by the solar panels substantially reduces greenhouse gas emissions as well as other pollutants. 
  • It works in all weather conditions: Just one hour of afternoon sun can power a home for the entire day, depending on the amount of panels you use at your property. This means that even on cloudy days, your panels can absorb enough sun to keep your home functioning without interruptions. 

Solar Panel Repair Services

Like any other component in your home, the solar panels will eventually break and need a repair. When this happens, trust our Oklahoma City solar panel professionals to resolve the issue quickly and with little interruption to your daily life. 

If you experience any of the following, it could mean your solar panels need a repair:

  • Low power output: Perhaps the biggest sign that your solar panel system isn’t working properly is a noticeable decrease in charging capacity. If your house is using up power quicker than usual or your panels drop below 80% of their production capacity, it could indicate you have an issue that needs to be looked at. 
  • Unexpected electrical shutdown: If your inverter is frequently shutting down or your circuit breaker frequently trips, there could be wiring problems or defects within the system.
  • Inverter malfunctions: The inverter is an important part of the system. If it breaks down, the system won’t function as efficiently as it should. 

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